Trending Baby Names 2015

Everyone loves to read the latest top 10 Baby name list...right!

Before you get to excited, we're on a different mission then just listing the latest trendy Baby names around Australia, we're looking at why we see name trends and what courses these trends over the years. After some digging into the statistics and raising this topic in the office, we came to the conclusion that there seems to be more than one factor that set these trends or changes them.

Now let's start by looking into a bit of Australian history and statistics of Mums...looking back at the 60's and 70's the majority of mums giving birth where stated to be 20-29 years of age, and thinking back was a time when names used in the family where used to carried on as a family which new parent wouldn't love to carry on the family tradition?
Over the years the average age of Mums has raised to 30-39 years old according to the statistics in 2014, which most say is likely due to careers and life styles we enjoy today. But as we see a move away from the younger Mums and the classic family lifestyle, we don't seem to see the good old tradition of carrying on names already used in their families...until we hit 2015.
Looking back over the last couple of years of names given for bubs we see here in the studio, we have noticed that the classic Baby Names may be coming back into fashion. And after seeing Riley and Isabella names heavily used in 2013-14, this year we are now finding the trendy names slowly disappearing and the tradition names like David and Evelyn starting to make a comeback. So the big statement is...does the age of new mums and dads make a difference in what they choose for their babies name, so what are you going to call your little bundle of joy?

This post could go forever...but we can't type for that long, so share your ideas with us and let us know what you think.

Best wishes to all parents and new parents,
from the Hand to Remember team