Christmas Present Ideas For New Mums & Dads


Christmas time brings so much excitement, along with those long queues at the shops, no parking and the traditional Christmas shopping rush, so we'll share some ideas to make life a little easier for you!


Since every ones calendar starts filling quickly at this time of year, we wanted to share some trendy Christmas gift ideas to save you a bit of time so you can spend more time relaxing. Now if you are looking for a special Christmas gift for someone that has just had a newborn baby, we'll share some ideas with you...even gifts that want break the bank.

If you haven't been looking for a baby gift for some time, you'll most likely be sitting there scratching your head right? You could tick the present list off quickly with some good old traditional Jump suits, nappies, bottle steriliser, blankets, cuddly baby toys and the list goes on. But thinking outside the coat so to speak, why not start thinking long-term gifts, something that bubs not going to grow out of after a month or two!


Santa has some ideas on what's trending in gifts for new parents and bubs!


One of our most popular pre-Christmas orders this year has been the DIY pregnant belly cast kit. Being a pregnant mum, you can only look down or in the mirror...but what does your cool bubby bump really look like from the other side? Belly casts can just be of mums belly bump, it's totally up to mum-to-be.


Looking down the line once that cute bub arrives and the lucky Mum and Dad that have just started their new family, or it's grown again by one or two...let's checkout one of our most popular DIY kits and one that will not throw the budget out with a gift under $35. Now it can be a little messy, but that's part of the fun when creating your own Baby Hand and feet 3D sculptures, but it's not just for bubs, why not think about a 3D hand sculpture set of the whole family?


Don't forget if you can't find the perfect Christmas present, you can always grab a gift voucher and print it out at home or have it emailed!


Personlised Christmas Card Idea

For a baby Christmas gift idea that's not going to break the bank is our Baby inkless print kit for only $19.95! The quick and easy way to capture baby hand prints or cute baby foot prints without any paint. DIY hand and footprint kits are popular for adding a personal touch to Christmas cards, newborn announcements, keepsake for the grandparents and scrapbooking. For a complete baby handprint keepsake Christmas present, you can surprise them with a Inkless print photo frame kit which makes a gift idea for under $50.


Cheap DIY Personalised Christmas Card Idea!


Check out this trendy little idea for a personalised Christmas card that is quick and easy to knock up!

All we done was dropped by to our local print shop and had them scan our inkless footprints and asked if they could add some wording and a few little snowflakes to give it a cute Christmas look. Ask for it to be printed on paper around 200gsm or higher so it blocks out the per-printed text already in the card.

Remember to measure the inside of the Christmas card so you can provide them with how big the printable area can be.


You could do the same at home with a basic multi-function printer to scan and print, and a simple image editing software.
Once you have created & printed your personalised card insert, glue it down with a glue stick or spray adhesive for a quicker result and trim around the edges to give it a professional finish. You should allow some overhang of the print and trim with a sharp knife around the edges.


Well Christmas time is that one time of year most families come together to share some gifts, food and laughter. So we hope your Christmas is full of joy and happiness! So from all of us at Hand to Remember...stay safe and don't forget to share that keepsake love!


So it's a big Merry Christmas to our clients and everyone, but don't forget to allow extra time for shipping of your orders this time of year...Merry Christmas to all and happy new year!

From us all at Hand To Remember...Merry Christmas and a geat new year!