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Memories in Bronze, Nickel or even 24k gold can last a life time, and now we can help with bronzing baby shoes, bronzed dummy and even bronzing baby booties.

You can have just about anything bronzed that is precious to you. Such as bronzing your little one's first pair of booties, dummy, bronzed umbilical clip, milk tooth, bonnet or even their first outfit or christening gown. Baby keepsake bronzing will stay with you and your family for a life time.

Let us help you create a very personalised keepsake that you can pass down through the family for years to come that is unique and totally different, meaningful and personal to you!

Bronzed dummy in Copper

Bronzed Copper shoe (shiny finish)

Baby Hospital ID band finished in Silver

Babies soft shoe finished in 24k Gold

Baby ID band finished in shiny copper

Bronzed baby shoes

Baby shoes finished in Nickel (silver)

Newborn lace shoes finsihed in bronze

Baby dummy bronzed to last a life time

So remember that family heirlooms mean so much more in years to come! So why not get you wedding flowers or something special to you and your family bronzed today. Start thinking of what you would like to pass down as your new bronzed family heirloom... Baby shoe bronzing is not just all we can do, anything non-metal can be bronzed, in a range of finishes too. Copper, Nickel (silver) or 24k Gold. You can choose to have the bronzing finished in either matt or a shiny (gloss) finish, it's all up to you!


Note: Colours are only used as a guide and may vary with natural changes. Any quoted prices may vary depending on your item size and/or shape. Prices subject to change without notice.