Belly Casting

Every expectant mum loves to rub their tummy! Until you haven't got a bubby tummy to rub anymore, you don't relies how attached you have become to it. So why not have a professional pregnant belly cast taken of your pregnant belly, so you can still rub it for years to come. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Capture that special memory to show off for years to come.

A bit about pregnant belly casts...

Your belly cast is created in our studio so you're not left with the mess. A pregnant belly mask will generally take about an hour. If you want to capture your belly at it's best, we recommend having your cast taken in your last trimester.

You can have as little of your bubby bump as you like done or you can include your shoulders and chest too. It's up to you how much you would like to include in your belly mask. When your cast is ready, we'll prepare it for you in a classic white finish ready for you to decorate. Don't forget to ask about board mounting, it's a great way to finish off your cast and they look amazing hanging on the wall.

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Belly casting from only $179!

So why not have a memory forever that won’t fade in time like your bubby tummy will…checkout these belly casts to give you some ideas!