Updated: February 2018

Bronzing baby shoes, dummies and even your bubs first tooth that we all have put away in the draw, is a cool way to preserve and make them last a life time.

It’s a funny thing that use mums do with keeping our little babies ID band from the hospital or the first pair of booties they wore. Yes as a mum, I even have those first keepsake items hidden away in a box so I can passed them on to the kids when they get a little older but some of those items don’t last a life time.

Now bronzing has been around for some time, but the process used in bronzing keepsake items that are not metal is a little different compared to the likes of electroplating car parts.

So How Do You Bronze Baby shoes?

This is one of the most popular question we get asked, so we’ll run through the basic process of bronzing a shoe with you which should help explain what happens…

The Preparation and Coating Stage…

First off is getting the baby shoes ready for plating, so fixing down straps or shoe laces, attaching the conductive copper wire and then giving them a coat wax to help hold their shape and protect the material during the bronzing process.

Now as leather, cotton or synthetic materials don’t allow for an electrical current to flow through them, they need to be coated in a conductive paint and allowed to dry out for a day or two.

Once the shoes are dry, it’s now time to submerge them into the cooper bath for a day. Now you may have wondered why the copper wire was attached to shoes before? When the shoes are submerged in the bath, an electrical current is passed through them to attract the copper to the shoes.

The Finishing Stage…

Finishing off with a buff, and sealing them with a clear coat to protect the finish from the oils from our hands and that dreaded old dust. As you can see the bronzing process takes a bit of time from start to finish, very much like the baby sculptures do…which is mostly drying, but is worth the wait I think you’ll agree!

Bronzing Kepsake Baby Shoe By bronzing those baby first keepsakes we all love, helps protect them once coated in copper, Nickel or Gold as some of the materials used in dummies, shoes etc can start to perish after a few years without a protective coating.

Well I hope this baby blog post has been helpful, and has given you a bit of an idea about bronzing. So why not start pulling out your bubs first keepsakes and getting them bronzed and preserve them?


Don’t forget to check the bronzing page for some ideas on the different finishes available, and take a look at these old baby shoes bronzed…it’s never too late for preserving your bubs keepsakes! Feel free to add your comment below and share your idea on what you would like to have bronzed.

Best wishes to all our readers
from everyone at Hand to Remember

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