Hand to Remember Baby News is in full swing…so thanks for stopping by and reading over what baby gifts, ideas and Baby info we’ll be writing about, along with the release of any new Baby keepsakes products!

After years of working in the Baby Keepsake industry with Mums, Dads and Bubs, we realise that we all love to read and share parenting ideas and cool products.

As parents our self, we’re happy to share what we think may be of help and interesting to our followers. It’s amazing how the same old conversations comes up almost every time, from Babies names and the famous competition of who can change a nappy the quickest…yes hubby and I had that contest too!

So we would like to share our thoughts, projects, new releases and information that we found helpful when our kids were little cuties.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and idea comments with us all, as we all want to create a great Baby world!

Best wishes to all parents and new parents,
from the Hand to Remember team

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