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Pregnant Belly Casting
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Pregnant Belly Casting

Cherish your baby bump memory with a belly cast

Expectant mum’s love to rub their tummy! Once your baby is born, you quickly relies how attached you become to your pregnant belly. Now you can have a beautiful pregnant belly cast taken of your baby bump.

Our pregnancy belly masking service provides pregnant mums a truly amazing memory and artwork of their baby bump, which can be hung in the babies nursery our bedroom to cherish that baby bump memory.

Belly casts are taken in our studio for your privacy and comfort, located in Cranebrook – Western Sydney.

  • Rendered for a smoother finish

  • Coated in a white gesso sealer

  • Finished ready to hang and decorate

  • Your choice of belly cast shape

  • Casting is done by a female artist

  • Private and comfortable casting studio

  • Partners welcome to be involved

  • Belly cast repair service available

  • Ask about board mounting options

Best Belly Casting Ideas

The design and style of your belly cast is indeed your choice, we allow the freedom for you to choose what you would like included in your pregnancy keepsake.

Even if you decide on a beautiful belly bowl cast or to have your belly and breasts included in your cast, we’ll create your unique belly cast the way you like.

Furthermore we finish your cast in a classic white undercoat, ready for you to decorate. Board mounting is also a very popular way to frame your belly cast and will look amazing hanging in your home.

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