How would you like a free printable Baby Name meaning template? Of course, what new Mum and Dad would want to miss out?

With the launch of our Baby Birth Details prints, we decided to design an exclusive Baby Name meaning print keepsake, and share it with our email  subscribers as a special gift from us to you!

Our free Baby Name meaning template is ready for you to personalise and Baby Name Print Template Blue Samplemake unique with your Baby’s name, along with the special meaning of their name that most parents take forever to decide on. How do you customise the print template and what is the meaning of my bubs name you’re thinking?  We’ll explain that for you step-by-step.

The free download file comes sized as A4, ready for printing on your home or print shop inkjet printer and as a PSD file. No need to panic if you don’t have a program that can open the file, you’ll be able to customise your Baby Name print with some online freebie software called …love the name!

Your Baby’s name meaning…

The meaning of your Baby’s name is an important part in creating your Baby Name print, Some of you would have already searched before choosing the name of your bub, but if you haven’t there’s nothing to worry about and can be interesting.

So how do you find the meaning? Online search is the quickest way to find the meaning of your child’s name and most interesting to read the different results. For our sample name meaning print, we took a look at a few different takes on the name meaning and shortened it to suit the text area.

Get creative and customise your Baby Name print…

Before we start editing, you’ll need to unzip your download folder so you can open the Baby Name Meaning template.

Step 1. If you have Photoshop you’ll know what to do, so we’ll focus on using Photopea to customise your Baby Name print. Open on your desktop browser, click “Open From Computer” locate the file and click “Open”

Open your Baby Name Print Step 1

Step 2. Once your Baby Name print is open, you’re able to start replacing the text with your Baby’s details. To edit each text layer, double click the “T” icon as seen in the image below and start typing away.

Edit Your Free Baby Name Meaning Print 2

Step 2 Optional. If you would like to get a little more creative and experiment with different fonts to change the look of your wall art, in the upper left corner you’ll see the font name used which is “Georgia” by default, clicking on the font name you’re provide with an endless selection of different styles of fonts (you may also need to adjust the size of the font to suit). Have fun and play around with a few different styles to see what you personally like.

Edit Your Free Baby Name Meaning Print 2

Step 3. When you’re completed editing the text of your Baby’s details, remember to click the large tick at the top of the work area as shown below, if you don’t like the changes you have made, simply click the cross and restart step 2.

Edit Your Free Baby Name Meaning Print 4

Have some fun playing with the settings, colours, different font styles and sizes, you can always click on the Learn button at the top for more details about the options Photopea software has to offer.

Step 4. Once you’re happy with the artwork, you’re ready to print or save it! In the top left corner of the work area, click on the word File and follow down to Export As choose Jpg, this will open an option window where you need to set the Quality to 100% and click Save.Free Baby Name Print Template White

Depending on your computer setup, you may be presented with an option to either print your artwork or save it to your computer for printing after.

That’s it…you just created your very own Baby Name print poster ready for you to frame it and proudly hang it your bubs nursery! We hope you enjoy creating your Baby’s Name meaning print with our free download template.

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Get your free name meaning template

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We hope you enjoy our latest freebie keepsake…and best wishes to all our readers,

From us all at Hand to Remember

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