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Belly Cast Sculpture Sealer


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This Gesso provides a great Belly Cast sealer due to it’s ability to bond so well to plaster. for this reason it also well suits to our DIY Baby sculpture kit.

Simply apply straight on your belly casts before applying your fishing paint or after repairs, or dilute with water for baby hand feet sculptures ready for your finishing touch.

Further more this acrylic gesso produces a smooth matt finish base coat, ready for a range of finishing paints and products such as craft paints, acrylic spray paints and some enamel paints to be applied.

In fact it is a must-have and will provide you a perfect finish for your Belly Cast DIY kit and also our baby sculpture DIY kit.


The perfect undercoat for Belly casts or Baby sculptures that will accept a wide range of finishes.

For applying to you DIY baby sculptures, simply dilute the first coat to allow a strong bond to the stone without covering much of the fine detail.

Cleans up in water so it’s perfect even the kids weekend art’s and craft projects when you need a quick dry time sealer.

  • Non-Toxic

  • Quick drying time

  • Cleans up in water

  • Provides excellent coverage

  • Offers a bright white smooth finish

Additional information

Weight 600 g


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